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15 June 1990
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a jump into forever;
I've been on this revolving blue ball for nineteen years now, and I've got to say, I like the place. I've lived in the sticks my entire life, but I've got a city boy's heart. My life centers around school, work, and my family. I'm still looking for my yellow brick road, and maybe one day I'll find it. I'm the Mitch Hewer of Livejournal. I'm a fan of going green and saving the planet. Yes, I did vote for Barack Obama.

Girls Aloud. Ouran High School Host Club. Fruits Basket. Digimon. Placebo. McFly. Country Music. Disney. Harry Potter. Twilight. Narnia. Usher. X-Men. Spiderman. Equality. Skins. Kyle Xy. Terminator. Black Kids. Angels & Airwaves. Metro Station. Marvel. Batman. Scarlett Johanson. Power Rangers. Nickelodeon Gameshows.