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06.19.16(no subject)
[actors] [joseph gordon-levitt] [jgl]
Sometimes I like to check in over here just to see if anyone else ever does the same thing
01.08.16 - Sometimes.....
[Anime] [Digimon] [Tiredz]
I like to post over here just because I'm not dead
09.08.15 - Woah
[tv shows] [ouat] [henry•emma•regina]
Just spent about 45 minutes going through old threads at Arcanum. Revisiting those story lines was something else. I made me realize how silly we all used to be and how much fun we truly had together. I don't know if it's because I'm older or what, but I truly realized that LJ and Roleplaying played such a big part of my growing up. It taught me things hat I might have missed out on. It taught me that typos like "zom" rather than "zomg" can turn into a whole character. That sweet true love like Bremmybhad does exist. That love isn't always simple like Chandler/Beau and Chandler/Zoey. That love can be mature like Manny and Killy. And that some people truly are evil (like Daphne, I'm just saying).

But I'm done taking my trip down memory lane. Gee oh.
09.02.15(no subject)
[tv shows] [ouat] [henry•emma•regina]
I honestly can't believe that I am role playing some again. I must be insane.
08.28.15 - More about life
[tv shows] [ouat] [henry•emma•regina]
I know no one is really around anymore, but it's nice and familiar to be able to write and just get it out.

Since I left Lj, I got married, had kids, and lost 170 pounds. I got a real job, graduated college, and basically became a different person.

I still fawn over Harry Potter. I secretly still listen to Girls Aloud. I've taught my oldest son to love Digimon. So I guess I'm still kind of the same, but completely different. I don't have a lot of free time, and I don't mind that at all. I love my life. It's everyday American, but what else could I desire?
08.23.15 - Soooo
[tv shows] [ouat] [henry•emma•regina]
No one is here anymore, huh? It's sad...but I guess it's life. If anyone is still out there *waves into the abyss*, say hello.
[tv shows] [ouat] [henry•emma•regina]
Life is beautiful. Wanna know why?

Thats why. I don't even know how many of you are still around (I definitely wasn't for so long) butnjustbin case you are: hi guys :)
[tv shows] [ouat] [henry•emma•regina]
Waiting in human ecology for an exam.

Sooo sleepy! Who wants to come take this exam for me???
[tv shows] [ouat] [henry•emma•regina]
Driving my father crazy listening to Girls Aloud is mega fun!

True story :D
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